Sharing Branded Content
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Sharing Branded Content

As you’re probably aware there are different ways to share video content. Which option you choose depends on where you’re seeing the content, where you’re planning to share the content, and how you want it to appear. Generally speaking, you can’t mess up too bad and you can always delete the post and start over, so don’t be shy and let us know if we can help.

Any branded content that doesn’t have copyright notice on FlowTown Films can be shared to your social media feeds.

Step 1
We use Vimeo to broadcast our content so we’ll start there. You can navigate to the Vimeo player page in a few ways. If there is a Vimeo logo on the lower right of the video you’re watching you can click on that, or you can also click on the title of the video if you’re already in the Vimeo environment.

Step 2
Once on the player page you’ll notice two buttons below the video: Download and Share.

The Share button will allow you to use email or post directly to various social channels. Clicking on those choices, for example the Facebook button will take you directly to their platform and will format things from there.

The Download button will allow you to download the video to your computer and then repost it to any channel you’d like, for instance Instagram. We suggest downloading the HD version at the highest resolution. The video format is mp4, which all of the social channels recommend and should upload without issue. If you’d like help reformatting the video for specific channels please let us know.

Please give us a shout or leave a comment when it’s up on you’re social channels. We always love seeing how people react and being part of the conversation when it’s appropriate.

You can use our direct contact information to reach us if you have questions anytime. You can also use our contact page here: FlowTown Films contact