FlowTown Films | Green Review
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Change Is PossibleChapter One: who I am, my core values, and what moves me to be part of something bigger than myself.
Note: no color correction, motion graphics, or audio EQ for all chapters.

Perceived DisruptionChapter Two: Concerns, known hurdles, knowledge gaps, joy of first drive home.

Tipping PointsChapter Three: Take a leap or incremental steps, exciting design / tech / environment.
Note: Disruption and Tipping Points will be short and paced quickly, or maybe combine the two into one chapter.

LeadershipChapter Four: I’m here for the environment but community, tech, and design make the difference.

This video is presented for demonstration purposes only. Not for distribution. The use of likenesses in still or moving form of the participants is not permitted in any media. All rights reserved.